About Us

Jane Curry, Ph.D. and Diana Young, Ph.D.

Together, we’ve worked with Fortune 100 and 500 firms for decades, designing custom writing training and providing editing and writing services to help corporations achieve measurable economic results; some highlights of our results include:


Helping one institutional asset management marketing firm raise its win ratio above 8-9%–and helping another increase the efficiency of its RFP writers by 37%.
Cutting 50% from the time the senior loan committee at a major private equity firm spent reading credit deals—and increasing productivity by 15%
Reducing the turnaround time for audit reports from 3-4 days to 1-2 days at a Fortune 500 auditing firm.

You can find the strategies we used to get these results for our clients in our new book, Be A Brilliant Business Writer: Write Well, Write Fast, and Whip the Competition. You can read excerpts by pressing the “See Inside” button or buy it from Amazon by pressing the “Buy Now” button to your right.

For more information, please send an email or call us directly:

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